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*talked to fable*

Fable44 [4:15 PM]: Interesting, yeah I give permission and everything. Make sure to try to recruit the old members and all. I may join, I may not. I am actually on a break from Neopets right now, in fact I see they have changed quite a bit in my absence. I am in the middle of a seperation period with my husband and I am juggling quite a bit. Carry the guild out however you find fit, you have my support :)
Polarcat47 [4:16 PM]: thanks:)
Polarcat47 [4:16 PM]: And if you were wondering, vavi's been away for a really long time
Polarcat47 [4:16 PM]: nobody knows when she'll be back
Fable44 [4:16 PM]: your welcome and good luck, being leader is not all it's cracked up to be, how long has Vavi been away, I was wondering about that
Polarcat47 [4:16 PM]: ermmm
Fable44 [4:16 PM]: since before the guild was deleted?
Polarcat47 [4:17 PM]: no, she's known about it
Polarcat47 [4:17 PM]: she wanted permission
Fable44 [4:17 PM]: ok then, not that long then really
Polarcat47 [4:17 PM]: it was shortly after
Polarcat47 [4:17 PM]: sometime in april i believe
Fable44 [4:18 PM]: well if you need anything let me know, I would like to see you guys build this guild on your own though. I can transfer the shops over to the new guild unless it's already been done or can be done without me. Let me know
Polarcat47 [4:18 PM]: I have the passwords, so i could do them
Polarcat47 [4:18 PM]: thanks for the support^^
Fable44 [4:18 PM]: I thought it was you that had them, your very welcome :)
Fable44 [4:19 PM]: talk to you later and as always it was a pleasure chatting with you :-D
Polarcat47 [4:19 PM]: same:D
Fable44 signed off at 4:19 PM
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YAAAAY!!! I was gonna ask, if you need ne help w/ ne thing, i would be glad to help!
I'd be glad to help too even though I dont get on the guild much...
YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! *puts her name in for being on council if they need more*